Recently Reno was involved in a pilot project in the East German State of Saxony. The German Ministry of Education requested him to adapt and replicate CEEP. Reno will spend 2 to 4 months there annually, adapting the CEEP learning process to their cultural situations. Reno will be working with youth, youth workers and teachers in this challenging environment using and adapting ropes courses, service projects and job exploration to embrace new educational values and insights that is putting “Wilderness” on the European map. It is "Happening"!

In his travels, Reno still leads a walking safari for Tropical Ice in Kenya. He is an advisor and instructor for "Into the Wild", a large ropes course operation that evolved after the closing of Southeast Asian refugee camps. Today the instructors he trained are successfully serving schools and institutions throughout Thailand. In addition the techniques of rainforest canopy exploration that he used in Peru in the 1980's are now upgraded with new and lighter weight equipment that allows tourists as well as researchers to go high into trees.  As always Reno as worked for an honest connection in a "fresh and local" way......the CEEP way; the way it always has worked for Wilderness School Students. Please know that Reno considers all of you the true "teachers". He wants to hear from you.  Other Wilderness students want to hear from you..........Connect!

So keep "DOING IT", and please connect. Reno and all of CEEP is listening. Share your light. The best is yet to be. YOU are IT!

He’s still “Doing It”

As expected, Reno is very active in his “retirement”.  He has just returned from starting Wilderness in Germany.  Reno has continued to be involved in CEEP, assisting at the Ropes Course, going on the trips and stopping by the classroom to offer his wisdom.
For anyone interested in contacting him please call the school at (650)550-7847 or email us at